Thursday, July 14, 2016

Game Music

My previous game music was recorded on my bass using Sequel 3 and my ZOOM B3 effects. I liked the tracks but it was so time consuming, if you wanted to change something you would need to re-record it.

So I wanted to create some new music for my new games and bought an AKAI APC Keyboard. This came with a bunch of software and samples.

  • Ableton Live 9 Lite: This is music editing software, it is a cut down version, that allows only 8 tracks and some features are missing. Overall it's a fantastic piece of software, with loads of drums, instruments and audio effects.
  • Hybrid 3: This is a synthesizer with tonnes of presets to play about with, I've not tried creating new sounds from scratch, only tweaking the presets.
  • Twist 2; This is a different synth again with many sounds included. When registering the product though it said it was already in use. An email to AKAI Support and they sorted that out. Some of the presets make excellent game sound effects.
  • Toolroom Artists TFP Pack: this pack has over 1.5Gbs of samples and loops.
Here are a few compositions I've created with the above software. In the games the loop but on Soundcloud they play 1 time.

1st is a bit dancy

Next 2 are a bit housey

I've uploaded 17 tracks in total, have a listen and tell me what you think.