Thursday, September 29, 2016

Saving 2 sheep with AZ

I was playing my game wool is the fuel and wanted to record a video of the game play. So I downloaded AZ screen recorder.

After a few seconds I had recorded this snippet.

I liked it because it also records the audio all be it from the speakers though. My previous phone had great speakers but after my cat Clicquot decided to bite through the screen, I had to get a new one (phone that is not cat).
 Clicquot catching munchies

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wool is the fuel mecanim

I've just uploaded a video showing some of the game play and animations in my Wool is the fuel defender style game.

When developing I used single frame animations to test the mecanim to see that all the states worked. For the Landers, I used different colours to represent each of the states. Then when I was sure it all hung together nicely I created the animations.

Lander mecanim

Drag an image onto the Hierarchy then click Window->Animation

Click add property then click the plus on the right

I use Spriter by Brashmonkey to do the animations, I know I can create the animations directly in Unity and it has advantages with regard the colliders, but for simple animations I still use Spriter.
Also I love all of the effects they have already created for us, look at the video to check them out.