Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why not a Rhino?

I was talking about my game with my wife, when I had the idea of a baddie, something with a sharp point who's sole purpose is to burst the Shuffa ball. I thought of a bird with a beak, but my wife said.
"Why not a Rhino?"
So here are a couple of mock ups.

The first is my drawing of a rhino, it reminds me of a film I saw many years ago called "The Gods must be crazy" about a cola bottle being thrown from a plane.
The thing that has stuck with me are the scenes with a Rhino, where it would run towards and stamp out bush fires. I've googled this to see if it is a real thing, but can't find evidence. Anyway here is my Rhino running to stamp out a Shuffa ball.

The second is a Rhino ball, more of a stylised version of a rhino living in the Shuffa ball universe. If you could cross a space hopper with a rhino this is what you'd get.

The rhino too would react to the obstacles so you can ping him out of the way. If you ping him hard enough he'll get stuck to the ceiling.

The rhino ball has the advantage of being easy to animate with less moving parts, but the 4 legged fire marshall could be more dramatic.

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