Sunday, August 30, 2015

Desert Tile Set for Endless Roller

Here for my game in development, Endless Roller, I've updated it to use's desert tile set.
It just adds the professional quality.

I was sick at looking at my done in 5mins crappy artwork and saw that the site has a number of freebies to use.

To use in my game I used Inkscape and did as I explained in my blog creating scrollable background tiles. I increased the number of tiles used by 5 as I thought it looked better in the game. I added a new layer called Desert, this means I just hide my old background layer and Inkscape will only export the desert layer. If I want to go back and use the crappy versions I can unhide the desert layer and show the original background layer.

Background tiles selected ready for export.

This background is much taller than the other backgrounds. This is because I've changed the game so that the camera will follow the Rhino as he goes up in the air.

Middle background layer

Front background layer

video on Youtube of the new desert tile set in action.

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