Thursday, August 25, 2016

Unity's Event trigger component

So I was adding my buttons to the game using UI event sytem in Unity.
The Fire and Flip where easy but when it came to the Thrust button I hit a snag. The button click is not enough I need it to respond when the button stays pressed.
To do this I needed to add Event Trigger component to the button.
Then in the component click add new event type for Pointer Down and Pointer Up. 

Here is the code for the 2 functions:

    public void ThrustDown()
        IsThrust = true;

    public void ThrustUp()
        IsThrust = false;

Then in the FixedUpdate() check if IsThrust then increase the speed, also I’ve added the code to slow down the player over time with the Speed * .99f:
        if (IsThrust)
            Speed += thrustAmount;

            if (Speed > MaxSpeed)
                Speed = MaxSpeed;

        Speed = Speed * .99f;

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